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Have you ever found yourself in a gaze with the moon? There is an undeniable energy that affects our mind, body and spirit in many different ways. The more you become in-tune, the more you'll feel the intense pull.

Koko Lune was born by it's curator, Jess, from a growing awareness and intuitive connection to the moon, it’s powerful energy flow + effects on the human body, nature and the curiosity on how to harness it's power for our own wellbeing and personal growth, creativity and balance.


~Just like the moon we go through phases


The phases of the moon have a powerful and magic pull that affects us in so many ways. As you become more conscious + in-tune with how the moon cycles and energy flow affects your mind, body + spirit you can learn how to use it’s energies in a positive light to bring in more of what you want and release what does not serve you with healing properties of crystals.

Crystals have high frequencies that can help you connect with the moon and move through the lunar phases to provide protection and a gateway for intention and manifestations.

This space has been created for you to connect with, be in-tune and aware of your own vibrations through crystal healing using our curated crystal infused intention candles, salts and crystal healing supports.

Love the team,

Koko Lune. xx