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Clear + Balanced

The secret to life is finding balance in everything that you do

Receive the purest vibrations and energy for the soul from our intuitively curated crystal infused candles that help you connect to your higher-self and create space for transformation with the supporting properties of Amethyst and Fluorite.

This candle is the 'diva' of our crystal candle range and its stunning crystals including a Amethyst cluster and Fluorite tower.

Our candles are made with a natural coconut + soy blend wax and infused with intuitively hand selected crystals to support you in your manifestation and intention setting throughout the phases of the moon.

View our fragrance glossary.

440g wax - Approx 80 + hours burn time with following our candle care



Amethyst is known as a natural stress reliever that calms the mind + spirit, brings protection + spiritual growth. It works to remove negative energy around the home and one's aura while attracting positive energy.

Protective - Calm + Purifying

Tranquility + calm
Relieves stress - Communication

Fluorite, known as the 'genius stone', has a special vibration to remove and absorb negative energies by bringing them to the surface to ensure balance and harmony, and enhancing the positive energies around you.

Enhances mental clarity - Balanced views
Heightens Intuition

Good energy
Brings order to chaos - Re-energise