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Stay Wild Moonchild

Receive the purest vibrations and energy for the soul from our intuitively curated crystal infused candles that help you connect to your higher-self and create space for transformation with the healing properties of crystals: Rainbow Moonstone, Blue Calcite and Pyrite to support you in your manifestation and intention setting throughout the phases of the moon.

Our candles are made with a natural coconut + soy blend wax and infused with intuitively hand selected healing crystals. All our crystals are natural, ethically and sustainably sourced stones with each crystal stone being unique with its own shape and colourings.

View our fragrance glossary.

440g wax - Approx 80 + hours burn time with following our candle care



Rainbow Moonstone, known as the stone of new beginnings, is strongly connected to the moon, intuition and helps us see things more clearly with psychic perception.  It also provides:

Spiritual growth - Psychic protection Calm
Eases emotions - Balance + Harmony
Inspiration - Intuition Creativity - Confidence

Blue Calcite inspires calm for the mind and peace in your surroundings. It eases nerves, provides relieves stress, enhances intuition, creativity and encourages peaceful communication. It also:

Aids in Psychic development
Throat + third eye chakras

Boosts energy flow  Clears negative vibrations

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone that protects against negative vibrations and energy. The perfect stone for manifesting and preparing for transformation.

Bringer of good luck - Prosperity
Abundance - Vitality - Protection

Promotes passion for life and work