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Bohemian Wild

Be a rebel, be a wild child, never settle, that's not your style

Receive the purest vibrations and energy for the soul from our intuitively curated crystal infused candles that help you connect to your higher-self and create space for transformation with the supporting properties of Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Pink Agate, Pyrite and Orange Calcite (choose your scent)

For the bohemian wild child that was born to dance to the beat of there own heart, to roam without cages and the spirit of untamed horses.

Our candles are made with a natural coconut + soy blend wax and infused with intuitively hand selected crystals to support you in your manifestation and intention setting throughout the phases of the moon.

View our fragrance glossary.

440g wax - Approx 80 + hours burn time with following our candle care



Amethyst is known as a natural stress reliever that calms the mind + spirit, brings protection + spiritual growth. It works to remove negative energy around the home and one's aura while attracting positive energy.

Protective - Calm + Purifying
Groundedness Tranquility + calm
Relieves stress - Communication

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It provides:

Self-love - Healing - Compassion - Peace
Gentle - Forgiveness Promotes love - Friendship
Peace - Purifies the heart

Pyrite is a powerful protection stone that protects against negative vibrations and energy. The perfect stone for manifesting and preparing for transformation.

Bringer of good luck - Prosperity
Abundance - Vitality - Protection

Promotes passion for life and work 

Pink Agate is known to aid one in overcoming heart bitterness and stabilizing the aura. It is also quite calming and soothing; it can dismiss fear and instil positive energy, courage, and strength to restore or boost self-confidence.

positive energy - courage
Strength to restore - Boost self-confidence 
Heart connections - Wholeness

Orange Calcite is the stone that is particularly helpful mentally. It is believed to relieve emotional fear. It can help to organise thoughts and ideas. It boosts general energy and increases personal power and sense of self-worth

Increases self-worth - Power
Relieve emotional fear - Energising
Uplifting - Motivating - Spiritual Development