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Purify + Calm Bath Ritual Minerals

Listen to silence. It has so much to say

The perfect weekly self-care bath ritual infused with an amethyst tumble crystal.

Our detoxifying Purify + Calm bath ritual gives you all the feels for your necessary and all important self-care to support you in relieving stress, soothe and experiencing peace and calm for the mind, body and soul.

With a powerful combination of organic Australian bentonite clay, magnesium flakes, dead sea and epsom salts, lavender and blue cornflower petals this intuitively curated bath ritual will allow you to unwind as it nourishes and soothes your skin, calms the muscles and puts you in a state of relaxation to create space for vibrational solace for energy renewal. 


Infused with a amethyst tumble crystal - the stone is known as a natural stress reliever that calms the mind + spirit, brings protection + spiritual growth. It works to remove negative energy around the home and one's aura while attracting positive energy.

Protective + healing - Calm + Purifying - Groundedness
Tranquility + calm - Relieves stress - Communication

We use all natural, vegan + organic products.

300g - 2-4 baths


Blended with Australian bentonite clay, lavender and blue cornflower petals the healing properties of these herbs calm and soothe the skin, relaxes the mind and promotes a restful sleep. This extraordinary clay will naturally detoxify, cleanse, exfoliate, and beautify your skin.

Hailed for centuries as nature’s most invigorating and nourishing clay, this organic Australian bentonite clay is made from lush volcanic ash and is loaded with tons of ultra-rich beautifying minerals including calcium, sodium, copper, magnesium, potassium, iron and skin-strengthening silica which helps daw out and eliminate bodily toxins, increase circulation, clean the skin, and relieve aches and pains.

Pour 1-2 generous spoonfuls into a warm bath and relax as the healing properties of the minerals and Amethyst crystal carry you away into solitude with their high vibrational energies whilst you set your intentions.

Always dispose of the dried flowers after the bath ritual to ensure their natural dies do not stain.

Cornflower Petals
Australian Bentonite Clay
Dead Sea Salts
Epsom Salts